Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

First I want to say that this rifle was basically a gift from the guys at The Specialists. Thank you again!

Well right when my gun shop opened this morning I hurried down there to get my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. I get super excited and shaky when I find myself filling out the 4473. Ya I know, I’m weird. Well here’s the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle:

I really don’t think many people have actually shot one of these rifles or owned one, unless you shot at Gunsite when Ruger showed them off. I really don’t know where to start. I really don’t want to write about when everyone writes about when talking about this rifle, the specifics on what Jeff Cooper wanted in a scout rifle.

I could see myself carrying this rifle for miles. The versatility and weight of this rifle makes it very pleasing when thinking about walking for miles on a hunt. Some first reviews of the rifle talk about how this would be a good home defense rifle. I completely disagree. Why would I use a rifle in .308 for home defense. Maybe if they were 300 yards away but then I wouldn’t be worried about home defense. Unless it was some sniper shooting at my house. I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. If someone is posing a threat to my home and they are at distance that a shotgun can’t reach I’m going to use my AR-15.

Ok, back to what I think of the rifle. My first thoughts when I unboxed it were that the wood was beautiful and I love the size of the rifle. I’m not sure if I quite like the look of the flash hider with the rifle but I’ll get used to it. I see flash hiders more as an assault rifle muzzle attachment, not a hunting or LE rifle attachment. I may someday put on one of these muzzle attachments from Primary Weapons Systems. Someday.

When I went out to shoot the rifle I did get some glare on the bottom of the rear ghost ring. But then again I was shooting into the sun. It didn’t really affect my ability to focus on the front sight post. I really don’t know what I’ll put on the rifle as far as optics goes. This scope made by Millet may be my best option. I really like the idea of a forward mounted scope on a rifle. I like having iron sights on the rifle too just in case something happens to the scope and has to be taken off the rifle and I need to shoot. This rifle could be a good option for law enforcement to put in their cruisers.

Shooting the rifle isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes the recoil is manageable. But you definitely have to have the rifle pressed tight to your shoulder. Trigger pull is pretty light, which I like. Most of my rifle have somewhat heavy trigger pulls. A light trigger pull is very nice when trying to shoot for precision and long distance. Shooting iron sights were surprisingly accurate with this rifle. Maybe someone will make a thin front post and maybe fiber optic for this rifle. Cycling the bolt was pretty smooth and should get better with use.

One complaint I have with this rifle is the loading system. Some complaints I read from people is that it should have a way to load the rifle from the top of the rifle. I really have no issues with having a way to load the rifle from the top. A magazine is a very nice way to load the, if the magazines were plentiful and reasonably priced. Ruger should have used a magazine that is already being made or used by another rifle. Also a five round magazine, which I need to hunt with in NYS, is $64 and was out of stock. Now it’s not luckily. I may be cheap but I think $64 is a bit much for a 5 round magazine. And one that doesn’t have anything to make it ‘anti-tilt’. I don’t think anti tilt is a big issue with this rifle since it’s a bolt gun.

When reading the manual it seems like disassembly of the rifle is straight forward. Remove three bolts and the rifle is disassembled.

I never realized that the trigger guard and magazine well piece are polymer or glass re-enforced. I really like how easy it is to take out the bolt and to replace it. When I went to adjust the rear sight I had to tighten some bolts up. I couldn’t get the rear ghost ring to stay straight. Not really a huge deal, just looks nice if it is perpendicular to the rifle. I’ve added a spacer to make the length of pull a little longer. I have somewhat longer arms. We’ll see how I like it. When I pull the bolt back, the bolt is about 3 centimeter from my nose if I’ve got my head rested on the butt stock to look down the sights. I think if I had to load another round in the chamber I’d take the rifle out of my shoulder to watch my target or animal and load quickly.


I added a bipod, made by Ruger and a Millet illuminated 1-4 scope. Very very nice additions to  the rifle. I recommend both products. When I was out in Utah with this rifle I shot stationary clay pigeons at 150-200 yards with ease. Love the rifle. I tend to like it a little more than an AR. I know, that’s a dangerous statement.

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Magpul MOE AR-15

This AR-15 was built by my cousin and myself. It started off the exact same way as mine. Ben and I bought them at the exact same time. I don’t want to bore you with the same story about us randomly going to our gunshop and buying AR’s.

I’ll just start with the upper. About three weeks ago Ben said he wanted to order parts to build an upper receiver chambered in .223. I knew he wanted to build one but I really didn’t know he was saving up for one.

I showed him various options on how he could build this. He really liked the option of buying a Bravo Company upper minus the bolt carrier group and the handguard. So Ben ordered that upper from Bravo Company. Then the next week he ordered a Spike’s Tactical BCG, Magpul MOE furniture kit and a Bravo Company large charging handle. The whole rifle was built in about 3 weeks.


I shot his AR the other day with Ben. He has put a Truglo red dot on it. Seems like the recoil is a bit more than mine for some reason. Also the gun feels much more compact and easier to maneuver. That could be because the gun is lighter and the handguard is shorter than the one I’m used to handling.

Looks good Ben!

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Custom AR-15

Here’s the story of this AR-15. When I went down to my local gun shop I noticed they had a whole wall of AR’s. I never really knew anything about them except they shot .223, atleast the ones that had .223 uppers on them, and that would be nice for woodchucks. I looked at the price of them and started to think. I really wanted to save up for one that was chambered in .223. They had ones with .22 uppers on them but I really didn’t want to get one. The next day I think it was, I told my cousin about them at work. So during lunch we drove down there with our paychecks and checked them out. We both had enough cash to buy the ones that were in .22. I really didn’t want one in .22 but it was too tempting. So we walked up to the counter and said we’d each like to buy one of those AR-15’s with the .22 uppers on them. I think the owner was kind of surprised. So there, I’ve got an AR-15.

We went home and got our ammo and gassed em up and went out around the farm and shot them. We instantly fell in love. My cousin loved how little recoil there was. He shot his 10 round magazine dry in about 2 seconds I think.

So I really wanted something an upper in .223. So I looked up how much an upper would be and soon realized I couldn’t afford one anytime soon. My brother wanted me to put together an AR parts list for him so I could build it for him and he could buy the parts. He realized he didn’t really want to build one just yet because he wanted to work on his bikes. So I looked into how much all the parts would be. I ordered a buttstock and a pistol grip for my AR and then the build started. If Simon hadn’t asked me to look into parts for him I don’t think I would have this rifle done now. About two months later and this AR is done.


American Tactical Lower Receiver

Armalite buffer tube

Buffer spring

Magpul CTR OD green buttstock

Hogue OD green pistol grip

DSA upper receiver

Daniel Defense bolt and carrier assembly

BCM gunfighter charging handle with

Colt Ejection Port assembly

DPMS Forward Assist Assembly

YHM Low Profile Gas Block

Daniel Defense 16″ M4 Barrel w/cut rifling

YHM Phantom Flash Suppressor/Comp

High Standard 16″ Gas Tube

Gas Tube Roll Pin

YHM Diamond Free Float Handguard (Specter Length)

YHM Forearm End Cap

Double Star Ambidextrous Sling Adapter Receiver End Plate

Magpul MBUS rear sight

Magpul MBUS front sight

Magpul AFG2


Finished product. Just recently, not in picture, I installed a Rock River 2 stage trigger.

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Norinco SKS

Well I’ll start off with a picture of my Norinco SKS and I.

I got this SKS as a Christmas present from my mom and my brother. One of the best christmas presents I’ve gotten in a while! It has a Tapco stock on it, Tapco 10 round magazine and a Tapco fore grip. Great rifle. It could use a scope on it though.

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